Our Students

  • Eva Stouracova (Eva)

    Eva, a qualified therapist from the Czech Republic, wanted to increase knowledge of spa and learn different cultures. She found the school on the internet as the best choice for the next step in career. “I was welcomed with warmth at school which is surrounded by calm nature in a quiet area. All teachers are highly experienced. They helped me understand every single step of massage. If the school might have more options of CIBTAC, it would be great for international students.”

    From Czech Republic
  • Julian Taylor (Jules)

    Jules took a short career break and came to the school to learn something different. He studied Thai and Aromatherapy massage. “My teacher, Nigel was wonderful. She understood my personal interest and lack of experience and was able to mix theory, demonstration, practical and consolidation techniques. The school has opened my eyes and shone a light into a new world. "Studying here was truly exceptional with wonderful people and full of energy and enthusiasm.”

    From -
  • Chen Li (Jenna)

    Jenna comes from Hong Kong. When she experienced a spa treatment at an Oasis Spa branch, she saw the school leaflet and then searched for more information on the school website. Jenna took an 80-hour Aromatherapy massage, Thai massage and hot compress massage course. She says that the knowledge she received from the school will be useful to help her run her own spa in her hometown.

    From Hong Kong
  • Chiaochen Hsiung (Isly)

    Isly, from Taiwan, just finished a working holiday for one year in Australia and came to the Thai Oasis Spa School to learn more about massage. She took an 80-hour Aromatherapy massage course. She also enjoyed a guided tour of the herb garden at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Chiangmai University, and a 3-day Thai massage course. “The school has good courses for someone to improve their skills”, she said.

    From Taiwan
  • Elizabeth Goad and Phailin Reifsnyder

    Liz and Phailin, Yoga instructors from Virginia, USA attended the Foundations of Thai Massage, one of the NCBTMB courses given at the Thai Oasis Spa School. They studied the history of Thai massage, a massage modality different from the western style of massage and a review of Anatomy and Physiology which can help them with the licensing exam in the States. “The instructor is fantastic, well-educated and has a sense of humor. The surrounding school environment is inspiring, and the restaurant is great.”, they added.

    From USA
  • Kimberley Hope (Kim)

    Kimberley Hope from the Bahamas used to be an insurance broker and decide to change her career to massage. She attended 7 courses including 6 massage treatments and 1 management class. “I learned a lot from the school, and I felt that the oil massage was my favorite. The instructors were wonderful! They were kind and generous to me and made things clear. Even though I always mixed things up, I still got encouragement to do the best I could. The staff were so helpful. There were no unanswered questions."

    From Bahamas
  • Pei Ping Tseng (Irene)

    Irene is a Taiwanese professional therapist for 4 years who mainly performs Chinese meridian and lymphatic drainage as well as Swedish massage. She felt that needed Thai massage techniques and she wanted to improve her general ability. She became passionate about the advanced stretching that she also learned during the Thai Massage for Health 150 hours course at the Thai Oasis Spa School. “I like Teacher Ning the best. I will recommend it to my friends for sure, for the intermediate Thai stretching course which helps the therapists adding skills to their own techniques.” she said

    From Taiwan
  • Jan Maly from Czech Republic

    "I've just finished 2 days foot massage course and I'm happy with the service I've received at Thai Oasis Spa School. I learned a lot in a relaxed atmosphere. My teacher “Maybel” was knowledgeable, always helpful and a lot of fun. Thank you!"

    From Czech Republic
  • Nivia Fabiana from Brazil

    "I had a 2-day Thai massage course at Thai Oasis Spa School. I had been studying about Thai massage a lot since my last visit to Chiangmai a year ago. By studying at Thai Oasis Spa School, I earned a lot of massage techniques which I had never experienced elsewhere and can be applied to enhance the massage service at my business in Brazil where I plan to open the first Thai massage school in town."

    From Brazil
  • Helen Copplestone from New Zealand

    "I booked a 6-day body treatment and a 3-day facial treatment course. Unnecessarily, I was concerned that the very professional website might not match the physical quality and professionalism. However, Thai Oasis Spa school provided a quality of training above and beyond my expectations. I was very happy with the school curriculum organization and delivery. Teacher Ning, with her 15 years of spa therapist I training and expertise, was kind, knowledgeable and patient."

    From New Zealand
  • Mr. Jeremy Pan Shih Hsien from Taiwan

    "My dream is the future is to open a spa. So, when I was looking for the best spa school in Thailand, I found The Oasis Spa School. My experience in the school was wonderful. They have very friendly staff who have professional skills. So, what I have learned here is not just about skills but also learn how they deliver the best service to the customers. I really recommend everyone who is looking for learning in the spa world to come here."

    From Taiwan
  • Ms Xinyu from China

    "I came from China, I came to study massage and Spa business because I want to have a Thai massage shop in China. During my studies at the Thai Oasis Spa School, I learned about oil massage, body wrap and body scrub treatment, as well as how to make Thai Herbal Hot Compress Balls. The teachers were friendly and professional and communicated in a very lively way, and I built a good relationship with the teachers here. Overall, it was a wonderful experience for me."

    From China
  • MS Bi-Jing Huang from Taiwan

    "I took a 3-day facial massage course at Thai Oasis Spa School in April 2018. I found the school on Google when I was looking for a spa school. I was interested in the facial massage course to further my knowledge in Thai Spa. I really found what I expected and even more here, the teacher guided me through the theoretical and practical part aspects of the course with professionalism in spa service."

    From Taiwan
  • Ms Catherine Sparenberg from Belgium

    "I studied a 500-hour Qualified Spa Therapist professional course. I had a wonderful time studying at Thai Oasis Spa school. Thank you to all of teachers here for sharing good experiences while I was here, making me feel at home. I want to bring all knowledge I gained to help me with running my own spa business in my home country one day in the future." Catherine is now applying for a spa therapist position working on a cruise line."

    From Belgium
  • Ms. Zoe Yuan Zhang Williams from San Francisco.

    Zoe is a licensed esthetician from San Francisco. She attended 5 courses of NCBTMB here at Thai Oasis Spa School. “All teachers here I had are very skilled and experienced with the treatments. They are all very patient, gentle and sharing. The part I like most is that they will hold your hands to let you know the pressure and the flow. It is one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had.”

    From San Francisco
  • Mr. Anderson Marcicano from Brazil.

    He is passionate about traditional Thai massage and has spent 3 years studying in Thailand. He would like to further his education into the spa world and Thai Oasis Spa school is his best choice. “It was very nice. The teachers were well-prepared, and the school is very well-equipped. I have learnt a lot about the real routine of spa with high quality and professional teachers.”

    From Brazil
  • Mr. Shannon Williams from San Francisco.

    He applied for a 5-day traditional postnatal treatment, hoping to bring all techniques he has learnt to promote in the US. “The teacher gave a good introduction on the first day. Teacher Ning has a lot of skills, excellent pacing of her work on client, and she was very encouraging of me. Not many people do this practice. This is my first time to do the clay pot and it feels great!”

    From San Francisco
  • Valentina Magee

    Valentina is a massage therapist. She learned about the school from her friend, Maribel, and right away, she wanted to go with her. At the school, she studied subjects different from what she has learned in the US such as Thai Massage and Hot Compress Massage. She found that she was in love with everything she was learning. Even when there were small miscommunications because of the languages, it wasn't a problem. "It was just incredible. An experience to experience", she said

    From USA (Texas)
  • Seungho Woo

    Seungho is a Korean journalist who studied head massage and acupressure in hopes that he could make use of it for his family and himself. "It was a great experience to learn Thai massage at Thai Oasis Spa School. The curriculum was well organized. The atmosphere and school preparation for teaching is excellent. The classroom is nice, calm and smells like a luxury spa. The instructors and staff are nice and they want to help students. I strongly recommend The Oasis Spa School and l would love to visit here again", he said

    From South Korea
  • Mr. Dan Yang

    Judah is a trainer for Apple retail in Chengdu. When he first came to Thailand, he experienced an amazing Thai massage. He decided to learn more about massage at the Thai Oasis Spa school where he studied advanced Thai 10 meridian line massage. He was impressed by the instructors who not only taught him how to do the massage, but also the theory and science behind it. He strongly agrees with the school's slogan "Education with understanding is the basis of advancement"

    From China
  • Ms. Azrin Aznita Zainol

    Azrin is an ex university registrar from KL. She decided to leave her 15-year job to run a hostel and massage studio on Langawi island. She chose the Thai Oasis Spa school in Chiangmai to start her classes on massage and spa knowledge. "The classes are interesting and taught with professionalism. The teachers and staff are respectful of students. What I liked about the school was its energetic yet chill class atmosphere. The school building is eco-friendly with amazing and majestic views of the mountains.", she said

    From Malaysia
  • Ms. Maribel Quintero

    Maribel is a professional massage therapist and instructor from Texas, USA. She learned about the school from AMTA magazine. She was very happy to be here at the school and enjoyed everything here, including the spa environment. She hopes to come back next year with her students so they can learn and enjoy it the same as she did.

    From USA (Texas)
  • Ms. Essayaporn Namhaphit

    Bam has her own massage studio in Texas, USA. She had learned a lot about massage in Thailand before moving to the US 10 years ago. "One of the best massage schools is the Thai Oasis Spa Massage School in Chiangmai. I took the continuing education Aromatherapy Massage program. I had a fantastic experience withextensive hands-on bodywork training. The staff is very nice and highly professional. I would love to take additional classes", she said.

    From USA (Texas)
  • Ms. Karen Lam

    Karen took a Head Back and Shoulder course at Thai Oasis Spa school hoping that she would do massage to her family members. "The learning experience is quite good, I had a good teacher and the school is very clean and tidy. But one thing that I think can improve is to provide the pick-up service because it is not easy to call Grab taxi and also the safety problem", said Karen.

    From Hong Kong